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John and Janet Westland are the winners if our "Check-in Challenge" and have own themselves a Complimentary Lesson! Listen to Travis' advice and keep on Checking In for your chance to win! #arthurmurraydancestudio #dancelesson #instadance #ballroomlife #lol #winners #federalwayalltheway #amfw #instawinners #videooftheday ...

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MUST HAVE MONDAY'S- Showcase Showdown! Come on in today to learn to learn some awesome stuff in preparation for our Suncadia Showcase this weekend! In our Waltz Group class, learn how to present your partner by learning the tips and tricks of walking on and off the hardwood!! PRESENTATION SKILLS?!?! YES! :)

700 - Foundation
745 - Full Bronze
830 - Associate Bronze

We'll see you in tonight! :) Let the presentation BEGIN! :)

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