Upcoming Events


Have you checked out our August calendar yet? It’s filled with some great specialty dances! That’s correct! You asked for it, and now it’s available for you in August 2014! This month, we’re getting into some Lindy Hop, Argentine Tango, Foxy, and much more! Mark your calendars of these dances, and these special dates located below. We’re sure that you’ll have an “awesome” time in August!

August 14th – 16th: Wish your peers “good-luck” as they venture out to Northstar Dance-O-Rama located in Chicago, Illinois. They will have been working real hard to dance their best so be sure to let them know that they’ll be fabulous.

August 22nd: We’ll be hosting a Open House and Guest Party this Friday and we want you to bring EVERYONE you know. Who knows?! There might be a special gift for people you bring in!

August 30st – September 1st: The Federal Way Arthur Murray will be closed for Labor Day Weekend. Please reschedule your lessons for these days that we are closed!



September 2014 is a great month for some awesome and exciting changes. We have moved our NEW STUDENT PARTY on Tuesdays from 915pm to 745pm! This makes the party more accessible for our students and you can party just a little bit earlier in the evening. How great is that? We are also introducing our “WILD WEDNESDAYS” where every Wednesday, we feature a Specialty Dance. Be sure to keep updated for what’s on the calendar. So many changes that we’re excited for you to experience. Want to see our September Calendar?! No worries, click HERE!

September 1st: Closed for Labor Day so be sure to reschedule those lessons with your teacher.

September  19th – 21st: We’re have our annual Showcase at Suncadia Resort in Roslyn, Washington. Just an exciting 90 mins away from our Federal Way location. We definitely want to invite you to come and enjoy us for this Getaway Showcase adventure, so be sure and talk with your teacher on how to get involved with this exciting event! For more information, check out our Facebook Events page, HERE!

September 26th – September 27th: The studio will be closed for a Teacher In Service Day, so be sure to reschedule any lesson that you may have on that Friday and Saturday for earlier in the week.