Upcoming Events


November is such a nifty month, and we have so many activities planned out for your enjoyment!!! We’re just starting with our Tournament of Champions Festival and it’s never too late to be a part of all the fun! Don’t know much about that? Be sure to ask your teacher and get involved! :) #teamfederalway ALL THE WAY!!! 


For the month of November, every Friday Night will be a themed party based off this years Festival! Ask you teacher what our theme would be and be sure you get the appropriate costume!

Oct 31st – December 14th – Our TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS FALL FESTIVAL is here and we’re starting our Kick-Off party on Halloween Day! Ask your teacher how to become a Festival Sponsor and be a part of our Student Loyalty Program! :)

Nov 11th – Roberto Gonzalez will be in the building and he currently has openings available for one-on-one coachings! Get one of these spots before they are all taken!

Nov 25th – Our Festival Sponsor Night Out Party is this day, so don’t forget to save it! Get your nightclub chiq gear, and go out and get your dancing out! This Night Out Party is only available for our Festival Sponsors!

Nov 27th – TURKEY DAY! The studio will be closed in observation for the holiday! Be sure to get your lessons rescheduled in for that weeks so you don’t lose dance progress.



With tons of Holiday Cheer happening during this dreamy month, take a second to have a glance at what’s happening so you can plan accordingly on your calendar! You don’t want to miss out on December’s Events!

Dec  7th – Puget Sound Icicle Ball happening at the Bellevue Westin! Join us as we celebrate your dance accomplishments! We’ll have the wonderful Jimmy Mulligan and Dani Atkins at our event, ready to give you some great feedback on your dancing! Talk with your teacher about being a part of this special event!

Dec 13th – Victory Party!! We’re celebrating all the tears, work and sweat you’ve put into this festival, by having a combined Party with all the local schools! Join us for a fun-filled party and dance will all your friends you’ve made along the way!

Dec 19th – In-Studio Holiday Guest Party! Come and invite your friends for our Annual Holiday Party and be prepared to merrily dance across the ballroom dance floor! What a perfect time for you friends and family to see how much you love dancing! Who knows. Maybe, you can show them that they might have an inner passion for dancing as well! Invite EVERYONE!!!

December 24th-25th – The studio is closed for the Christmas Holiday, and our schedule is a little different for this week and next. Be sure to enjoy your time with your friends and family, and don’t forget to reschedule your missed lessons.

Dec 31st and Jan 1st – The studio is closed for the New Year’s Holiday! Get in your holiday cheer, and don’t forget to reschedule your missed lessons as well! :)